Singer 7258 review of 2021 | stylist sewing machine

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Singer 7258 Sewing machine

In this page, I will discuss the high-profile sewing machine Singer 7258 Review.
(With a comprehensive description)

Here you will know its basic facts as well as the unique working principles such as its incredible features and properties, special facts, specification, advantages, even the disadvantage (if have any)

This award-winning machine offers you 100 stitches, 6 complete buttonholes, and a quality needle threader. Also, it offers you a lot of benefits and friendly performance.

Let`s briefly discuss its properties, functions and other facts.

Here is the Singer 7258 review:

Singer sewing machine history (A short overview of the company):

The singer is a US-based prominent company and this traditional brand was first introduced in the mid of 1851.
The most significant fact is this reliable brand generates all sorts of sewing objects such as heavy-duty sewing machines, computerized sewing machines, even simple home sewing machines for personal use.
Besides this, it delivers the consumers decent high-tech innovation.

A quick overview of the Singer 7258 Sewing Machine:

This is a reliable decent type sewing object. It has an awesome body structure, and the performance is extremely satisfactory and tremendous as well.

You will get all the initial features and faculties in this tool. Besides this, the company also offers you additional features to make your sewing experience more comfortable and effective as well.

Let`s take a quick overview of its key properties:

A. singer stylist 7258 stretch stitch (100 built-in stitches):

This is the most significant property that makes this object comparatively more unique and functional. This feature provides users with ultimate reliability and super efficiency.

B. Advanced power control facility:

Yes, it is an advanced grade sewing machine, but its operating process is simple enough and user-friendly. You will get proper control to run this tool effectively.

C. Start-stop button:

This awesome button attachment makes the operating process easier and faster too. And it is a plug and play system.
Also, you will get a controllable slider to maintain the speed limit.

D. Programmable needle:

This beautiful attachment makes the stitching faster and makes fewer errors. It helps to get the optimal level of efficiency.

The interesting fact is it makes your appliqué and quilting job quite flexible and you can set it in an accurate position. (For extra comfort as well as flexibility)

E. Pressure feet:

Another coolest thing is it includes ten presser feet adjustment. It reduces the necessity of screwdriver and other tiny tools during the installing time.
(Just a simple snap is far enough)

These feet are:

1. Ordinary foot for general purpose
2. Single-step foot for the buttonhole
3. Embroidery Foot (freehand)
4. Zipper foot
5. Hem foot (Narrow rolled)
6. Hem foot (Blind hem)
7. Gathering Foot
8. Overcasting Foot
9. Quarter Foot
10. Satin foot (for decorative purpose )

F. LED display:

This high-quality display has transparent visibility and delivers accurate data. Even, you can find out the error codes and remove it easily.
… And this LED light is quite bright, but always it keeps cool.

G. Free arm machine:

Though it is a computerized sewing machine, you have a free arm operating option. Yes! This singer model is an awesome free arm tool. It makes the entire operating system simple, flexible and faster.

H. Easy threading with high-tech auto needle threader:

The provided auto needle threader offers you simple threading capability. This feature is more supportive of poor eyes users. It makes the threading process faster and errorless.

I. singer 7258 tutorial:

Actually, this device is perfect for all types of users. Even, the Singer Company concerns its new users, especially the learners.

It offers you an informative DVD. Here you will get details information about this tool. This video shows you the primary set-up technique. Additionally, you can get a basic idea about its operating process, storage system, and maintenance.

J. Built-in storage:

To organize your sewing kits (bobbin, needles, threads, buttons, etc); this feature is extremely helpful. You can preserve these kits in a suitable box (when not in use)

Singer 7258 Reviews – Limitations:

Yes, this Singer model is high-effective a reliable object. You will get a couple of quality features and enjoy a better sewing experience.

…And this tool is compatible enough for all types of users. (Newbie, avid professionals, home and industrial application)

In a word, this is a fantastic tool and perfect for variable sewing projects.
But besides its benefits; I also noticed a certain number of limitations of this sewing machine.

Though all of these problems are not major types and ignorable, I unveil it (To provide you with the complete idea about this model)

Here are some ignorable limitations:

A. No Carrying case facility:

These kinds of cases help to carry the device easily and minimize the extra effort. You will get a comfortable grip.

Unfortunately, this model does not have this attachment. But in my opinion, you can get separately get this. (Its price is noticeable cheap and available in the market)

B. Un-adjustable presser foot:

This machine offers you the auto adjustment facility. But some users (Especially the newbie) are not used to with computer-based machine. In this case, they get a bit of trouble.
But I think: After proper practicing, you will be good at to run this advanced type sewing machine.

Pros and cons:


Actually, its high-tech features are the biggest advantage. Moreover, the following facilities make this object extremely adorable.
Let`s see these:

A. Ease of maintenance:

The coolest fact is this device comes in a simple and flexible maintaining feature. It is fairly easy to clean and oil.

B. Speedy but less noise:

It offers you the fastest speed. But it generates less noise that makes it quite adorable to every seamstress.

C. Portable and easy installation system :

The weight of the device is fairly light that makes it an easy carrying object. Moreover, you will get a DIY and quick set-up capability. To fix it successfully you will require noticeably less time as well as less effort.

… And the provided informative singer stylist 7258 manual will give you the exact instruction to install it perfectly.

D. Singer stylist 7258 sewing machine price:

Another surprising thing I notice that it comes in a cheap price range. Yes! You can get this product within your limited budget.


I mentioned earlier that it is free from severe level problems. Though it is a calm device, sometimes you may get irritating noise. (Some users claim)

But I noticed that improper maintenance is responsible for this troubleshooting. If you regularly oiling it: this can move smoothly and you will enjoy quiet performance all the time.


You will get a lot of additional accessories that help to make your sewing job relatively easier and faster too. Also, these kits help to maintain the tool perfectly.

A. Numbers of needle packs
B. Supportive spool pin
C. Darning plate
D. Dust cover (Soft-sided)
E. Spool pin (Felt disc)
F. Variable range thread spool (large, medium, and small size)
G. High-quality power cord
H. Speed slider
I. Foot pedal
J. Informative DVD

Technical details:

A. Model Number: 7258
B. Bobbin Class: 15J
C. Needles: 2020 and 2045
D. Light bulb: LED
F. UPC – 037431882769
G. Dimensions: Length: 14.5 inches Width: 7.5 inches and height: 12 inches
H. Weight: 14.6 lbs

Difference between Singers 4423 vs. Singer 7258:

What I informed that: both of these devices are quite similar. Their stitch options, bobbin system, foot controller, speed controller system, stitch pattern, needle threader, etc are quite the same.

But only one key difference is this 7258 model is a computer-based tool that gives this model extra uniqueness and adorability.

Frequently asked the question (FAQ):

Q: Can it sew denim fabric?

A: Yes, it can sew denim, jeans, and various types of fine and coarse fabric. In the manual chart, it briefly described its denim(Page 28) sewing capability.

To carry out this process successfully, you can use any sort of the normal needle.
But in my suggestion: better to use 16/100 size or 18/100 size needle. (for more effectiveness) It will minimize the tension problem.

Q: Is it a free-arm model?

A: Actually, it is a computerized machine. But often you may need manual process (Usually for any normal project)

The coolest fact is in this case you can temporarily convert this machine into a free arm type.

To sew your baby`s clothes, cuffs, legs, and a lot of household items, this feature is highly advantageous for you. Moreover, for the new users operating the electric or computerized based functions are a bit challenging.

In this case, they can use this free arm option.

Q: How can I maintain it and intensify the durability?

A: To get durable performance from this model and make it more functional as well as effective: Most of the experts will recommend you oil it on a regular basis.

It will give you a couple of advantages. Your machine will be smoother and faster than the previous time. Also, it prevents quick damaging and delivers extra shininess.

Here is the way you can do this process:

A. Rise up the needle at the highest position.
B. Then, take a tiny screwdriver and remove its plate.
C. Also, you should remove its bobbin case.
D. Now, clean up the hook area and feed dogs. (Use the provided lint brush)
E. After finishing the cleaning process you can add oil. In this stage: You should be more concern. Focus on its quantity. Just add 2 or 3 drops oil. Cause, excess grease or oil can make the machine slippery.
F. Wait for a couple of minutes (2 to 3 minutes). Let it dry.
G. Finally, reset the bobbin case and needles.

How simple the process is! But another important point is: You should always take quality oil. You Can consider the following 5 brands:

1. Zoom-SPOUT Sewing Machine Oil Oiler:

A. Highly-refined
B. Mineral oil
C. Usable both for industrial and homey tools
D. Versatile application
E. Perfect viscosity
F. Non-detergent
G. smooth performance

2. SINGER 2131E All Purpose Machine Oil:

A. Suitable for knitting and sewing machine
B. Perfect for various purposes (Versatile)
C. Less odor
D. Makes the tool smoother

3. Zoom Spout Sewing Machine Oiler

A. Perfect for universal use
B. Impressive lubricating formula
C. No gumming effect
D. Experts top choice

4. HELMAR Colonial 29 Super Lube Machine Oil

A. Affordable price range
B. Applicable for multifunctional purposes
C. Super lubricating property
5. Dritz Sewing Machine Oil
A. Low viscosity
B. Affordable
C. Prevents oxidation
D. Cleans rust

Q: Is it a low shank or high shank tool?

A: Its 10-snap presser foot and other criteria prove that it is a low shank machine.
Besides, this machine comes with eight feet so you might put that into consideration when comparing it with other models.

(Note: Usually a low shank machine diameter is:0.5 inches. You have to measure it from the bottom part to the thumbscrew center. On the other hand, a high shank object`s diameter is at least 1 inch.

Q: Is this singer model perfect for quilting?

A: Yes, you can use this device for your quilting job. But the limitation is it is applicable only for primary level quilting.

But if you do a lot of quilting, then I suggest getting a heavy-duty one specially designed for quilting. If you are only doing quilting projects occasionally then this model should be enough.

Q: What about its bobbin types?

A: For this machine, the 15j class bobbins are the most suitable and compatible option. And this comes with a beautiful bobbin cover.
(Note: this is a plastic made bobbin.)

Q: What is the perfect needle size for this machine?

A: Based on the fabric quality you have to select the needle size.
For example to sew woven item the point needle (11/80) is preferable. On the other hand; for denim or canvas: the recommended need size is 16/100.

However, for more details: you can check the given manual chart. Here you will get the exact recommendation.

Final verdict:

This model is an ideal machine for a newbie, intermediate levels users, even for the pro-seamstress as well.
Its universal grade service, compatible application, understandable features, and high-performing capability make it different from its competitors.

Its huge customer reviews show how adorable and reliable the item is.