The Singer 4452 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine Review at a Glance

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Singer 4452 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

In this content, we are illustrating Singer 4452 sewing machine reviews. Yes! If you prefer a heavy-duty sewing tool, this machine will be the ultimate choice for you. The interesting fact is this model offers a large number of exclusive features including super-fast set-up, friendly application, and easy threading.

This tool is also popular for its next grade of universal sewing capability. Even you can use it for denim, leather, canvas or some type of heavier thread.

However, we also noticed a few numbers of drawbacks and we do not hesitate to unveil them in front of you. So let’s get started:

A complete package:

This model comes with a huge number of stitches (32 built-in stitches) that makes it thousand times apart from its competitors.

The item is also unique for its quality accessories that give the seamstress extra support. But a downside we noticed that this product includes only a single 1-step auto buttonhole.

However, here you can enjoy easy threading for its automatic needle threader and its overall set-up is pretty simple and user-friendly.

Key Specifications:

  • 1100 stitches (per minute)
  • 32 stitches
  • Steel based bedplate
  • Feed dogs (7-seg)
  • Free arm
  • Adaptable stitch length
  • Reverse lever
  • LED light attachment


This package comes with a couple of presser feet for general purpose, zipper, sewing, and buttonhole. Here you will also get a bunch of spool caps, seam ripper, needles, lint brush, even a screwdriver for DIY set-up.

Furthermore, you are getting an ultra-soft dust cover, power cord, and foot control. Another attraction is its informative manual guide; especially for a newbie, this manual is pretty helpful.

Also, you are getting a bunch of extras!

To deal with the thick seam the manufacturers offer you a clearance plate. Moreover, you are getting an even feed, non-stick foot, and a couple of heavy-duty needles.

Weight, manual guide, others:

Yes! This tool is recommended for heavy-duty applications, but the amazing fact is its weight is pretty light (4452 lbs) and easy to move.

Manufacturers provide all basic information in 3 different languages (English, French, and Spanish). This guide covers all the names of principle parts and accessories. Here you will also get information about maintenance and troubleshooting.

This tool comes with a limited-time warranty.

Things you will like:

The fastest sewing machine:

The most amazing part is its speed that makes your work even faster and precise. This feature also ensures more effective for maximizing the level of productivity.

User-friendly tool:

Its set-up and working principles are very simple and user-friendly. Even a newbie can enjoy a hassle-free performance from this fascinating model.

You will love its auto threading and supportive accessories that make its working principle simple, faster, and user-friendly.

Automatic needle threader:

One of the best attractions of this device is its easy threading facility. Its high-quality auto needle threader ensures a precise and fastest threading facility. Its threading guides are pretty easy to follow.

Calm and smooth performance:

Another fascinating factor is this machine runs smoothly and is free from annoying sound. There is no chance of jamming and other issues.

Highly sturdy and durable:

Its exterior body includes heavy-duty metal with coating. There is no chance of cramp or quick damaging.

Moreover, the provided motor is premium in quality that ensures the fastest speed and the machine’s durability.


  • Poor quality food pedal that is quite difficult to handle
  • Tension problem
  • Cannot shut off automatically
  • A bit expensive

Singer 4432 Vs 4452

Both of these two heavy-duty sewing machines are similar in appearance. Even their motor speed and other features are almost the same.

The threading process, stitch quality, and the overall operating process is quite similar. But we also noticed a major identical difference between these sewing tools.

The fact is the 4452 model is one step ahead for its bonus accessories apart from its basic features. This model includes walking foot, clearance plate, and 16 size heavy duty needles that make this model more preferable to the consumers.

Warping Up:

This machine is fantastic to sew any type of heavier fabric like denim, canvas, ever leather. Here you will enjoy an extra level of sewing speed, and an easy operating feature.

Overall, all of its mentioned facilities make it an ideal sewing tool for heavy-duty purposes.