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Threading the needle (through the conventional way) is quite difficult and boring also. Especially, it becomes more challenging and painful for small eyes.

… And this task is also time-consuming.

That’s why the best alternative is using a needle threader that minimizes all of the mentioned problems and comes with a lot of benefits.

The interesting fact is this content; we are sharing the idea of how to use a needle threader (the most effective ways).

Yes! This item is pretty simple to use. But as a newbie, you may face some issues. That’s why read this content and find the best way to use it. Make sure you have purchased a quality needle threader to get the best performance.

Let’s get started:


Part 1: Thread loading:

Step 1:

If you are a right-handed person, hold the threader on the right hand, and the needle on the left hand. I prefer to grab the needle on my dominant hand, but the maximum users keep the threader on their dominant hand. Typically, it depends on your flexibility.

Step 2:

Now, insert the loop of the wire threader (through the needle eye). Make sure that you can line up the two pieces correctly. Also, you need to ensure that the threader reaches the groove. That’s why keep pushing until it fixes on this shallow groove.

(To make the looping more flexible, turn the needle slightly)

After inserting the thread, haul the loose end and continue the feeding process. The best way is to guide the thread end (though the loop).

Step 3:

Now, haul the loose end and gather both ends on your forefinger and thumb. Also, you need to ensure that you are creating enough length that provides a strong grip (on the folded thread).

Now, let’s forward to the next part:

Part2: Needle threading:

Step 1:

At first, slide this needle on the thread and pull it from the groove. Now, make sure that it properly fits on this double thread.

After that, nip the thread ends together.

This set-up will help you to set this threader on the lap or tabletop to get a good grip on your needle.

Step 2:

Now, give a simple tug on the wire loop and haul the loose end to make this thread free. After this successful threading, you need to unwind this spool and make the thread longer to get more flexibility.

Step 3:

At this stage, you have to tie the thread through the needle eye and also tie it on the loose end. For better holding, tie it at least two or three times.

Also, remove away the excess material while stitching.

Step 4:

Now, focus on getting a strong stitch. The best option is sewing with the double thread. So, pull the loose end and add an extra length. Finally, you can tie the thread to make the stitch.

Typically, this strong thread leads to a durable seam that provides better reinforcing for buttons, pillows, and torn clothing.

(This trick is more useful for a thinner thread)

Benefits of needle threader:

  • Saves time and effort
  • Makes the sewing job precise and flexible
  • Very helpful to the poor eye

Types of needle threader:

Typically, the needle threader is classified into two main types. Some threaders are recommended for the finer thread. On the other hand, some threader is for the thicker item.

But the exclusive point is both of these two types are almost the same in basic pattern (diamond-shaped wire including a knob).

However, now a day, some exclusive types of needle threader are also available that are recommended for a sewing machine.

(The manual threader also has a good demand in the market)

Exclusive use of a needle threader:

Apart from threading, this item also comes with a bunch of exclusive application. Here are the most pointed examples:

  • To pull back the snags of the sweater you can use this tiny tool. Also, to pull any knit garment it works as a great weapon
  • Pulling the thread ends
  • To finish the back ends of a knit item


The discussion and the step by step discussion illustrate that threading a threader makes the threading job a thousand times easier, but you need a lot of practice to become a pro.

Overall, to save your time, effort, and to ensure a precise performance getting the best needle threader is the ultimate option for you.