6 Best Sewing Machine Under $100 Reviews | Ultimate Guide for Beginners

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Getting the best sewing machine under 100 sounds mysterious!

best cheap sewing machine

Yes! Getting a too cheap sewing tool including quality performance is not possible at all. But still, if you are quite concerned about the budget, this article is for you.

The exciting part is here we share a couple of affordable sewing machines review that can reach your expected grade of performance. Yes! Finally…

Our researchers discovered these sewing brands.

( Not all of these reviewed sewing machines are accurately under hundred bucks, but comparatively available at a reasonable price range)

Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine

  • Overall best at an affordable price
  • Good for beginners
  • Compact design
  • Suitable for a variety of user kinds
  • It has an LED, which lights up the area nicely
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Janome Fastlane Fuschia Basic

  • 10 Built-In Stitches
  • It comes with a finger guard
  • The presser foot is very substantial and protective
  • It comes with a smaller foot pedal.
  • Comes with a bobbin cover
  • There is no light
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MICHLEY LSS-505 Lil’ Sew

  • 8 built-in stitch patterns
  • It does not have a needle guard
  • Presser foot is not so good
  • The machine has a bobbin winder
  • The machine is very easy to thread
  • All of the patterns on the machine work
  • It is cute and small
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Brother XM1010 Machine

  • Great for basic stitches
  • Foot pedal is smooth
  • Great machine for the price
  • Threads in a minute
  • Compatible with Brother Universal carrying case 5300
  • Great machine and easy to use
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SINGER Fashion Mate 3333

  • It comes with a foot/speed control
  • It has a build-in light
  • Well-built machine for beginners
  • Easy to use and quiet operation
  • A perfect choice for household use
  • Foot peddle cord is a little short
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So let’s take a closer look at the full review and get your dream sewing tool.

Here is the list of Best sewing machine under $100:

1. XM2701 brother sewing machine review:

Brother Sewing Machine XM27011
Brother Sewing Machine XM2701

To carry out your light-duty task: brother xm10101 is a fantastic model. It offers an amazing accessory package and the fantastic fact is this machine comes with a wide range of unique features.

Features Breakdown:

A. Unique Stitches:

This 10-stitch sewing machine offers you a massive selection of decorative, heir and utility loom. Moreover, you will get 55 alphanumeric stitches. It presents lots of decorative, stain and cross-stitch.
Even you can create various types of buttonholes through this machine.

C. Quick bobbin setting:
The speciality of Brother is it can set the bobbins in a faster way. Most probably, you will need a couple of minutes only. Even the replacement process is quite simple and time-saving.

D. Accurate needle position:
The great fact is… Its needles are set in the perfect position and you can control its speed with the attached button. (Up-down setting) In fact, the set-up process is straightforward and a DIY system.

E. Free arm sewing machine:

The company also proves a free arm sewing feature with the main package. Typically, it is used to make sleeves and cuffs.

F. Clam operation:
Another great plus is… this is a pretty calm device that offers smooth and satisfactory performance. Just press the play button and unplug the stetted food pedal.

Here you will enjoy the fastest bobbin setting as well as fasted speed. Also, you will love the noise-free performance.

That’s why this brother model is highly trustable as well as an ideal companion for beginner sewers. You can use it for a different type of household task. Even to start a new project this brother xm2701 model is an excellent option.

Things you will like:

  • Quick bobbin setting
  • Accurate needle position
  • Variable stitch facility
  • Visible display
  • Auto sewing and free-arm sewing


Ordinary monogram: I noticed that the monogrammed front is less attractive. But for the practice purpose, it is an excellent option for beginners. 

Singer 4423 is a heavy-duty sewing machine, check out our full review.

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2. Janome Fastlane Fuschia Basic:

Sewing Machine Janome Fastlane Fuschia Basic
Janome Fastlane Fuschia Basic Sewing Machine

To novice learners: Janome presents a beginner-friendly mechanism with simple functionality. Moreover, it is an amazing portable sewing machine for its lightweight.

Features Breakdown:

A. Foot pedal:
For comfortable operation, the device includes a flexible foot pedal. Also, it contains a Finger guard safety feature. Even you can regulate the speed level through the control slider.

B. Stitches:
It comes with different stitch types with 2 needle positions. But, the machine is remarkably great from zigzag and straight stitching.

That means to enjoy the unique level of decorative works this tool is the perfect option for the creative crafter and sewers.

C. Bobbin Type:
The device provides a plastic-type drop-in-droop bobbin facility with 2 ways threading (Highly effective).

D. Others:
You can enjoy comfortable transportation. Cause… its weight is noticeably light. Furthermore, its storage and maintenance are simple and cost-effective. Also, you will get the drop-in bobbin facility.

E. LED light:
You will get an advanced quality LED light with a bigger display. That’s why… you can run this gadget even in a darker place.

For a long time service: This is stuff is ideal and trustable as well.

Things you will like:

1. Drop-in drop bobbin
2. Straight-forward speed control derivative
3. Safe and specifically designed for kids
4. User-friendly and an ideal companion for decorative work 
5. Finger guard protection


Bright light

Technical information:

1. Model No: 001Fastlane
2. Colour: Fuschia
3. Item dimension: Length: 10.5 inches; Width: 5 inches; Height: 9 inches
4. Item weight: 5 lbs
5. Shipping weight: 6.53 lbs
7. Manufacturer: Janome America

3. SINGER | Start 1304  Free Arm Best Sewing Machine for Beginners:

SINGER Start 1304 SINGER Start 1304
SINGER Start 1304 Sewing Machine

It is one of the oldest companies in the sewing industry. From the past to the present it is serving the customer.
The traditional well-known brand: Singer brings a new model (S 13046) with a budget-friendly price. But… the famous company did not compromise with its quality.
Yes! You will enjoy reliable performance at an affordable price.

Features breakdown:

A. Auto thread controller:
Its thread controlling mechanism is formulated with advanced technology and is completely an auto operating method. This reduces manual effort and excess time. Additionally, it provides a stable tension.

B. Size and design:
The size is small and fits in any limited space. Moreover, you can carry it easily for its super tiny weight. In addition, the sturdy construction with a compact design; makes it a high-performing durable object.

C. Speed and effectiveness:
The tool remains 4 steps buttonholes with variable stitching options. These help to maximize the speed level at a magnificent level.
And… you can sew different types of fabrics such as denim, leather canvas, and others. The needles are extremely fine and sharp. Check our latest article on the best needle threader for sewing machine

D. Comes with extra:
With the main package this arm sewing machine also delivers you the following kits:

1. Four steps buttonhole foot
2. One zipper foot
3. Darning plate
4. Cleaning brush

Things you will like:

1. Free Arm
2. Superfast performance
3. Highly effective

Technical information

1. Brand: Singer
2. Colour: White
3. Item dimension: Length:13 inches; Width: 7; Height: 11.5 inches.
4. Item weight: 11.5 lbs
5. Foot Presser: Low bar
6. Speed: 350-400 SPM (Stitch per minute)

4. SINGER | Simple 3232 Portable Sewing Machine:

SINGER Simple 3232 Sewing Machine
SINGER Simple 3232 Sewing Machine

This entry-level model is an ideal option for small businesses as well as homey purposes. Also, it is a great learner too for the new users. Here is another review on the singer 4432 sewing machine.

Features Breakdown:

A. Durability and portability:
The plastic made the outer body with the metallic frame; make the object extremely sturdy and you will enjoy a durable performance. But… the weight is light enough to carry it easily.

B. Multiple layers:
The specialty of the item is…The presser foot is comparatively higher. As a result, you can enjoy flexible lifting that helps to generate multiple fabric layers.

C. Adjustable dimension:
It offers you an auto adjustment feature with a straightforward installation procedure. Also, the treading method is pretty simple and remarkably requires less time to set.
Additionally… you will get a one-step buttonhole with a flexible foot pedal.

D. Provided accessories:
After you open the box, you will get a big surprise. It provides a lot of extra accessories totally free!

The package contains…

1. All-Purpose Foot
2. Zipper Foot
3. Buttonhole Foot
4. Sewing Foot
5. Seam Ripper
6. Lint Brush
7. Edge or Quilting Guide
8. Needles
9. Thread Spool Cap
10. Bobbins
11. Screwdriver
12. Darning Plate
13. Soft Dust Cover
14. DVD
15. Instruction Manual
16. Stitch Guide
17. Foot Control
18. Power Cord.

E. Capacity:
It contains a powerful motor that presents the fastest SPM (750 stitches per minute) speed to maximize efficiency. And… the operating process is pretty simple and beginner-friendly (for its complex-free mechanism)
Moreover… it can sew both fine and coarse fabric.

Things you will like:

1. Heavy-duty motor
2. Superior efficiency
3. Long term performing a capability
4. Flexible transportation
5. Manual instruction


I did not notice any serious level of problem or limitations.

Technical details:

1. Model number: 3232
2. Item weight: 12.2 lbs
3. Product dimension:
Length: 15 inches
Height: 12 inches
Width: 7.5 inches
4. Volt: 120 V
5. Watt: 10
6. Bobbin Class: 15
7. UPC: 037431883841
8. Needles: SINGER Style 2020 and 2045

5. Janome Graceful Gray Basic – Compact Sewing Machine with Free Arm:

Sewing Machine Janome Graceful Gray
Janome Graceful Gray Sewing Machine

The prominent brand “Janome” offers this new model, incredibly at a low price. This is an ideal machine both for the hobbyist as well as avid professionals.

Features Breakdown:

1. The simple operating process with the ideal built-in stitch patterns:
I significantly like its straightforward running procedure. For this simple mechanism: the item is more popular and adorable to novice users.

2. Light-weight and long-lasting:
You will enjoy trouble-free transportation, because, its weight is remarkably light. But… it is made of sturdy construction that ensures its superb durability and stability.

3. Safe and Calm:
As it is specifically generated for new users… It provides extra security to prevent a possible accident. Its provided finger protection, flexible foot pedal confirm a safe and comfortable operation.
Another great fact is… the device is pretty calm and gives a smooth performance. (Makes a tolerable noise)

4. Easy set-up:
Its installation system is totally effortless and time-saving (needs only a couple of minutes) In fact: this is a DIY process.

5. Storage holder:
To keep the buttons, needles, scissors, and other small materials.  You will get a particular space for storage.

Things you will like:

1. Portable
2. Calm and smooth
3. Complex-free mechanism


1. Creates limited stitches
2. Not suitable for a thicker fabric

Technical information:

1. Item weight: 5 lbs
2. Shipping weight: 6.85 lbs
3. Dimension:
Length: 10.5 inches ;Width: 5 inches ;Height: 9 inches
5. Manufacturer: Janome
6. Item Model Number: 001 graceful
7. Colour: Natural grey

6. SINGER | Tradition 2259 Portable Sewing Machine:

Sewing Machine SINGER Tradition 2259
SINGER Tradition 2259 Sewing Machine

I think this is one of the best sewing machines under low budget and a trustable name to the novice seamstress.

Here you will enjoy a bunch of convenience features with a variety of stitch options.

Features Breakdown:

A. Free-arm sewing machine:

For the free arm mechanism, you get easy access to collars, pant hems, cuffs, and other complex reach areas. In fact, it shows a tremendous level of accuracy.

B. Light-weight:
This is a tiny lightweight device. It can be fixed in a small space and you can enjoy the travel-friendly facility.

C. High-pressure foot lifter:
For its higher foot position mechanism: you can generate variable layers, even you can sew the thick fabrics easily.

D. Extras:
It saves additional costs. Cause, you do not need to buy the following things separately.


The package includes…

1. Buttonhole Foot
2. Sewing Foot
3. Zipper Foot
4. Thread Spool Caps
5. Screwdriver
6. Quilting Guide
7. Needles
8. Seam Ripper
9. Lint Brush
10. Foot Pedal
11. Power Cord
12. Instruction Manual
13. DVD

E. Others:
It comes in variable facilities and makes the entire process easier, faster as well as highly effective.

1. Easy positioning
2. Adaptable stitch length
3. Simple threading

Things you will like:

1. Travel-friendly
2. Easy positioning and satisfactory built-in stitch patterns
3. Quick access
4. Complex-free operation and level sewing
5. Suitable at limited space


Not acceptable for the heavier project

Technical Information:

1. Product weight: 13.6 lbs
2. Shipping weight: 15.55 lbs
3. Dimension: Length: 15 inches Width: 6.2 inches Height: 12 inches
4. Manufacturer: Singer
5. Model No: 2259
6. ASIN: B0051HJ6JS

Ultimate buying guide For the Best sewing machine under 100 :

Focus on the following 5 facts while buying this stuff.

1. Speed:
At first, you have to check out the speed. Check how many stitches it can create per minute.
(Stitch speed stitch pattern represent the efficiency level)
If the numbers can satisfy you, then consider buying.

2. Capacity:
The capacity is another big fact. Basically, for home using purposes; medium capacity can fulfil your requirements.

3. Tension adjustments:

Without a proper tension adjustment property, you cannot get the expected output. This term is highly crucial for sound stitching. So make sure, you get the accurate item that can provide an exact tension guarantee.

4. Deal with fabric:
A good sewing machine can deal with both thinner and thicker fabric.
It should have the power to give stitch on leather, denim and every type of fabric.

5. Stitch Variety:
It is costly to give different stitches from different machines. It is difficult and time-consuming too.
So on the same machine, you need to get various quality stitches. (Versatile performance)

6. Button sewing attachment: 

The button sewing capability makes the sewing tool more advanced and user-friendly as well. Most of the modern mini sewing machines have button sewing adjustments. Even, some object includes button sewing foot.

7. Winding system: 

The quick and effortless bobbin winding system is the most preferable property for every seamstress. Cause, this attachment saves a huge amount of time.

Make sure, your selected good has this special property.

Pros and cons of a cheap sewing machine:

When it comes to saying about the advantages of cheap items: The following 5 facts are noticeably important.

A. These are free from the complex mechanism
B. Most of the models include a manual guide
C. Easy to learn
D. Flexible maintenance

E. Satisfactory stitch speed

On the other side, the problems or limitations are…

A. Limited stitch options
B. Not suitable for industrial projects

Extra information For Best sewing machine under 100…
Best sewing machine for quilting:

For doing advanced level attractive quilting the following machine is perfect for better performance.
1. Brother CS6000i Computerized Sewing Machine
2. Brother HC1850 Sewing and Quilting and Embroidery Machine
3. Brother Project Runway Sewing Machine
4. Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist
5. Janome MC-6300p Heavy Duty Sewing Machine
6. Juki TL-2000qi Sewing and Quilting Machine

Best sewing machine for applique:

The monogramming machine is significantly essential stuff for stable appliqué and embroidery.
But it is tough to find the right one.
The different models of Juki, singer, and brother, are suitable for this work.
Those can support you to get perfect appliquéing.
The working principle of a Sewing machine…

Typically, this tool is formulated with a simple motor. This motor operates the shafting with the aid of needles. Additionally, it attached the sewed fabric together. Usually, a standard machine contains… a special type spool (also known as a bobbin) thread that placed on the top side. It helps to pass the needle easily and makes the job more comfortable.

Also, a seamstress needs to know the following terms For Best sewing machine under 100
1. Pressure foot:

I always prefer the removable type metal or plastic foot. It can attach with a shank (used to hold needles)
For each task, we have to use specific feet. For example: To insert a zipper; set the zipper foot.

2. Throat plate:

It supports the pressure foot to pass the needle and makes the work faster. The maximum throat plates are smaller in size.

3. Feed dogs:

This component placed between the throat plate and the presser foot. It controls the stitch lengths and maximizes the speed level.

Diversification between manual and computerized tools:

Manual items come in simple dials, ordinary buttons, levers and a short number of stitch options. Its working principles are incredibly simple and beginner-friendly.
On the other hand, computerized sewing machines offer a large number of facilities. It gives the fastest performance and ensures supper accuracy. The significant feature of this tool is: You will get an automatic bobbin winding system.

… And this automatic bobbin and automatic needle adjustment derivatives make a computerized device relatively more unique and adorable too.

But to run it, you need to be a pro-user. Another downside is these are a bit expensive. However, now a day the electric sewing machines are also getting popular, but these electric sewing machines are a bit expensive.

On the other hand, advanced grade sewing tools are only recommended for experienced sewers.

Brother vs. Singer sewing machine:

Both of these two brands are well-known and prominent. They produce high-tech products and have super reliable for the end-users.
Their common features are simple operation, better stitch pattern, effective performance, and a durable life span.
However, the maximum Brother models (brother xm2701 and xm1010 10-stitch) are generated for professional activities. On the other hand, for homey purposes, Singer models are comparatively better.

Maintenance and Care For Best sewing machine under 100 dollars:

Here are some pro tips (Both for experienced and the newbie)

1. Most of the tools include a tinny brush, utilize it for perfect cleaning. (Clean the surface areas, wheel, arm, etc)
2. Sometimes you have to put a few amounts of oil on the metallic parts. (it helps to get a smooth moving)
3. Wipe it with a dry cloth
4. Cover up when not in use
(The proper maintenance can increases the tools` life span)

How to use a sewing machine for beginners?

To the new one, my first advice… start with a light machine. Try to get the auto features machines.
At first, learn to create a normal stitch. First, three months never try to do any special or extraordinary stitch. Hopefully, within 1 year you could learn the basic steps successfully.

Final verdict:

All of these machines reviews clarify that…
It is possible to get a quality mini sewing tool within a limited budget. (Though these have some limitations but offer various advantages)
Defiantly, you will get optimum reliability, an affordable sewing guarantee, and an optimal level of satisfaction. But if you slightly increase the budget limit (Up to 150 – 200 dollars), you will get more beautiful options.
However, you must give 100 % focus during the working period and carry out the work successfully.

If you want to know more, check out this article on Best Sewing Machine for Beginners.