Best Quilt Batting for Machine Quilt | TOP 10 for 2020 | Reviews and Buying Guide

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Quilt Batting for Machine Quilt

Let’s enjoy the distinctive review of the best quilt batting for machine quilt.

Yes! This precious object is now getting popular to the professional seamstress. With this fascinating kit, you can make a layer between the fabrics that reduce the possibility of friction and damages as well.

This way it makes the sewing and quilting projects easier, faster, and comfortable also.

However, a batting item is typically manufactured from polyester, cotton, or wool fiber. Even now a day, bamboo-based fibers are also using to form this item.

… And the exciting part is here we present the top quality products that are well-known for extraordinary performance with the expected grade of durability.

So let’s take a closer look:

Reviews of the Best quilt batting for machine quilting:

1. Fairfield X81B Extra Loft Quilt Batting, 81″ x 96″, White:

About the product:

This kit is completely free from the beard or the shifting issue. It can easily get the previous shape after washing. Moreover, you will love its simple performance. The best part is it is used both for hand and machine-oriented projects.

Besides the multifunctional facility, you will also love the extended period of durability. Typically, it is a high-quality polyester made item. That’s why the manufacturers are ensuring you all of these mentioned features.

Things you will like:

  • Reshaping capability
  • Suitable both for machine and arm quilting
  • Durable


  • Comparatively less comfortable than the cotton items

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2. Hobbs PD120 Poly Down Quilt Batting:

About the product:

If you are involving machine embroidery, this model is highly recommendable for you. Also, it is an excellent option for hand sewing or quilting purpose.

You will enjoy the extended size and excellent reshaping capability. Moreover, this model has long-term servicing capability. It ensures the smooth as well as user-friendly performance.

… But the most fascinating feature is you will enjoy the long arm facility. Also, you will enjoy the spray adhesive performance that maximizes the users’ reliability.

It is an excellent combination of polyester and cotton (20 % and 80%).

This kit helps to hold the lofts and needles wonderfully. Even you will never face the irritating puckering issue. Overall, for all types of projects, this item is highly trustable.

Things you will like:

  • Manufactured with Harriet Hargrave
  • Needle punched and long-wearing
  • Spray bonded
  • Comes with the ultimate strength and durability
  • Ensures the motion quilting


  • Thinner

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3. The WARM COMPANY (2131) Warm and Natural Cotton Batting:

About the product:

The manufacturers are providing you 100% quality US-grown cotton item ensures the flexible needle punching. Another advantage is it never causes any bread or separate bunching.

You can use it for every type of quilting job for its thin property with a machine-friendly feature. This way it ensures the attractive texture with the proper smoothness.

Even you can easily maintain hard tied quilting for its excellent layering capability. Yes! The fibers can keep tied together without any extra gluing. Even you do not need to face the frequent irritating pre-washing.

On the other hand, you will enjoy the machine washable facility and this item can dye faster. Overall, this item can hold the fabric properly and delivers user-friendly performance.

Things you will like:

  • High-quality cotton
  • Easily punched hundreds of needles
  • Free from pre-washing activities


  • Users prefer more retaining capability

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4. Mountain Mist Polyester Quilt Batting:

About the product:

Here you will get the perfect padding facility with the proper thickness. You can enjoy the medium range of loft and ideal reshaping features.

Also, the manufacturers confirm enough durability with an intimate performance. However, the most pointed advantage is you will get the soft and uniform feature as well.

A downside is the item is a bit costlier, but if you can afford it, you will enjoy an excellent performance.

Things you will like:

  • Uniform batting
  • Medium grade loft batting


  • Costly

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5. Pellon, Natural Wrap-N-Zap Cotton Quilt Batting:

About the product:

Besides the sewing or quilting job, you can also use it for microwave projects. Yes! Here you will enjoy an extra grade of versatility.

The excellent part is this package comes with forty-five inches wide high-quality natural cotton. Also, you will enjoy an extra level of softness. Moreover, you will like the perfect moisture retaining capability.

Another satisfactory feature is it is quite cheap.

On the other hand, a drawback is the item is not fire-proof, but except for this issue, this model is quite intimate in performance.

Things you will like:

  • Illustrates stitch details
  • An excellent combination of cotton and polyester
  • Ideal loft
  • Long-lasting


  • A bit difficult for a handy job

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Categories of Batting:

Based on the material quality, batting is classified into several classes. So let’s see the most using and effective fibers that form a batting kit.

  1. Cotton Batting:

One of the most common items is cotton-based products. It comes with a lot of advantages that provide intimate performance. Also, you will love the simple applying principle. The condition is the manufacturers must get the high-quality cotton product.

  1. Polyester Batting:

Another popular kind is polyester batting. Here you will get an extraordinary grade of thickness. Also, the polyester batting delivers super quality reshaping and lifetime using quality.

  1. Cotton and Polyester Combination:

Yes! The mixture of 20 % polyester with 80 % cotton is the most effective raw material to form a high-quality batting product. Here you will enjoy the optimal durability and a uniform texture. Furthermore, these types of items are simple to use.

  1. Wool Batting (best lightweight quilt batting):

Wool batting is a bit expensive, but the benefit is it is pretty light. You will feel a super spongy effect that helps to bounces back without any effort.

  1. Bonded Batting:

Bonded items come with a light adhesive property on both sides. This feature helps to hold the fibers with each other. As a result, you can easily avoid shifting or bearding issue.

  1. Needle Punch Batting:

If you desire a durable quilt, especially for machine quilting, needle punch batting is highly recommendable. You can properly avoid shifting problems. Also, you will love the super effective performance.

  1. Bamboo batting (bamboo batting pros and cons):

The combination of 50 % bamboo with 50% organic cotton generates bamboo batting(warm and natural batting). The precise character is this object becomes highly breathable that makes it a suitable item for machine quilting.

Moreover, it is machine washable with minimal shrinkage property (2 to 3%). Another advantage is it is quite eco-friendly.

Buying guide for the best quilt batting:

  • Consider the size:

Here you have a lot of variations like twin, crib, full, king, and queen sizes quilting. However, we suggest using the custom size that can add an extra step and more economical. Overall, make sure the item can effortlessly cover your working area.

  • Material quality:

Usually, people use cotton or polyester item. Yes! These two types of fibers have a super level of effectiveness. You will get a smooth and uniform texture with a high level of reshaping capability.

However, bamboo and woolen items are also getting popular now a day. On the other hand, the combined materials like cotton and polyester, or cotton or other fibers are generating the most high-quality batting kit.

  • Inspect the Loft:

Loft typically indicates the thickness level. If you consider high loft batting, you will get more visible lines with the puffier quilt. On the other hand, the low-loft batting delivers the flatter finish. That means based on the quilting lines you have to select the loft categories.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: What types of Batting should you use?

A: Yes! You have a vast number of options. That’s why you have to choose the right one based on your project.

For example, if you require soft and uniform batting, our suggestion is using the cotton fiber-based item. On the other hand, for thick but lightweight, you should consider polyester fibers. Here you will get the non-breathable property with the optimal resisting power against mold.

Even you can consider wool batting. Yes! It is a bit expensive. However, the benefit of wool fiber is it is quite light. Moreover, wool fibers can strongly resist the creasing problem.

Another excellent option is bamboo. The biggest advantage is its fibers are quite eco-friendly. Also, this product is comparatively more affordable.

Q: Can I quilt without batting?

A: Of course, you can carry out your quilting job without a batting kit, but the benefit of the object is it makes your job more comfortable and effective as well.

Q: How much batting should you need?

A: Also, it depends on your project category. However, if you are purchasing a packed item, get the twin size. On the other hand, for the yard, two-yard of 90-inch is far enough.

Q: How batting manufacture?

A: Generally, it is carried out by needle punching that felt the fibers with each other. Another way is scrim. In a word, it

Q: Can I use polyester batting for the microwave?

A: No! This is not a good option at all. Even some experts do not recommend cotton fibers.

Q: How many layers do I need?

A: A usual a single layer is enough, but it may vary on your working types. Most of the users experienced that two layers make big trouble.

Final Verdict:

Yes! In the initial view, all of the battings are quite the same, but in this content, we illustrate the key characteristics of an ideal item. So to get the best quilt batting for machine quilting, consider our recommend goods (Best batting brands), and our given information.