6 Best Needle Threader : Reviews and Updated product list

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needle threaders

The needle threader is a crucial component in sewing-related areas. This is typically used for … inserting the sewing thread through the needle eye.

This is the most essential item to the professional seamstress. (Also, it is widely used in homey purposes) Cause, it makes the sewing job easier and faster.

Let’s take a look at the chart and pick one.


Colonial CNT-1 CottageCutz 2-in-1 Needle Threader


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CLOVER Needle Threader

Check Price
LoRan NT-1 Needle ThreaderCheck Price
Dritz Machine Needle Inserter & Threader for SewingCheck Price

Bohin Super Automatic Needle Threader

Best for poor eyes

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SINGER 00056 Plastic Needle Threaders, 3-CountCheck Price


I noticed that a number of manufacturers are producing this object. But … some specific brands catch the users` good impression as well as reliability. Cause, they ensure optimum quality and uniqueness.

Nevertheless, to pick up the accurate one…

This content:

I share the review of several exclusive brands with a distinctive description. (Hopefully, this review will provide you with an initial idea).

What needle threader is best for sewing machine and hand sewing

Choosing the best needle threader

CottageCutz 2-in-1 sewing machine needle threader


CottageCutz Needle inserter is formulated with ergonomic design and an ideal tool for universal performance. It includes … a sturdy but flexible fine wire on its bottom area. This cable helps to form different unique stitches and designs.

Also, it includes Handle Inverts as long as grips Securely for protecting the wires.

In plus … you will get an extra-large handle (comfortable gripping) that has an easy penetration capability. And, this machine is fairly easy to operate and delivers intimate performance.

In a word, this model is a highly reliable and adorable object to the end-users.

Things you will like:

1. Superior design, even you can use it for cross stitch
2. Flexible grip
3. Perfect penetrating capability

Technical information:

1. Item size: 1 pack
2. Dimension: Length: 0.4 inches; Width: 2.8 inches; Height: 5.7 inches
3. Item Weight: 0.32 ounces
4. Shipping weight: o.32 ounces
5. Manufacturer: Cottage
6. Model No: CNT-1

SINGER 3 Count Needle Threaders (High-performing needle inserter)


Singer (a prominent brand) offers the users a simple and intimate mechanism with ultimate reliability. The exciting part is this model is more adorable to novice users.

This needle threader for sewing machine is applicable for every type of needles size, even for the thinner needle.

Another significant feature is; it can adjust with every size of needles (even it can adjust with tiny needle holes). Another plus point is; its metallic frame is extremely corrosion-proof and has a long life span.

The item is applicable for embroidery floss, conventional sewing thread, even for Persian yarn. Overall, its compatibility and smooth operating process make this a highly plastic threader.

Things you will like:

1. Long-lasting
2. Decay-proof
3. Simple application


Not fit for denim cloths.

Technical information:

  • Item size: Basic pack
  • Dimension: Length: 0.1inches; Width: 3 inches; Height: 5 inches
  • Item Weight: 0.48 ounces
  • Shipping weight: 0.64 ounces
  • Manufacturer: Dyno6. Model No: 00056

3. Clover Needle Threader (Small & Larger Needle Eye #462 )

Clover Needle Threader
Clover Double Sided

Cover Double is eventually suitable for small as well as larger size needles. Even, you can set it with the different type’s sewing machines.

In fact, this sewing machine threader is quite simple to operate and it delivers a tremendous performance (With optimum durability)

You can make a variable stitch pattern with this fascinating threader. (the item is more helpful for the poor eyesight)

Things you will like:

1. Long life span
2. Beginner-friendly mechanism
3. No slippage and perfect for small needle eye.
4. Corrosion-proof metal frame
5. Nice packaging
6. Professional level object


Ordinary wire quality

Technical information:

2. Manufacturer: Clover Double
3. Model No: 462

4. Dritz Looped Needle Threaders ( 6 Count)

Dritz 252 Looped Needle Threaders
Dritz 252

This excellent threader is quite familiar with the professional seamstress. Its remarkable property is it can apply for every kind of needles size. Another speciality is it is properly adjustable with punch needles.

And … perfect both for the fine and coarse thread. You will get flexible and cost-effective maintenance.

Moreover … the price range is noticeably reasonable for your limited budget. In my opinion: This model is one of the tinniest treaders and extremely reliable in performance.

Things you will like:

1. Applicable for punch needles, beading needle, and stringing beads
2. Straight-forward application and comes with  a bright light adjustment
3. Long-lasting and a trustable object for every sewing tool
4. Versatile performance
5. Reasonable cost and a reliable item for your sewing project


I did not get any noticeable problems or limitations.

Technical information:

1. Item size: 6
2. Dimension: Length: 5.8 inches, Width: 2.9 inches , Height: 0.8 inches
3. Item Weight: 0.32 ounces
4. Shipping weight: 0.32 ounces
6. Manufacturer: Prym
7. Model No: 252

Dritz Double Needle Threader


Dritz is perfectly adjustable with every type of floss (Both small and larger size eye needles). You can easily penetrate the thicker thread.

The metal is quite tinny but sturdy in construction. That’s why it confirms a long life span and delivers a satisfactory performance. It makes your sewing comparatively faster and easier.

In a word, its unbreakable feature, simple operating system, and the fascinating performance make it more trustable to the end-users.

It makes your stitch insertion faster and effortless as well. This kit is applicable for embroidery needles, tapestry needles, hummingbird needle, and for all sewing needles.

The downside is, the price is relatively a bit costly. But, if you can afford this; you will enjoy a magnificent service.

Things you will like:

1. Easy maintenance
2. Best for hand needle threader
3. Effective and dependable sewing kit


A bit expensive

Technical information:

1. Package Dimension: Length: 6.8 inches, Width: 1.9inches, Height:1.5inches

2. Shipping weight: 1.6 ounces

4. Manufacturer: Prym Consumer

Needle Threader for poor eyes:

Finding the perfect needle threader for poor eyes/poor sight is difficult. Some customer says Bohin Super Automatic Threader is perfect for poor eyes.

How to choose a needle threader/inserter(buying guide):

(5 crucial pre-purchasing tips)
To get the perfect product during the buying period …focus on the following facts.

1. Durability:

Make sure; the item is made of compact design and has a long-time servicing ability. Also, inspect that … this is highly corrosion-proof and has a great level of endurance power.

2. User-friendly:

Your selected item must be easy to use. (Especially for the new seamstress)Moreover, its storage and maintenance should be flexible.

3. Others:

Check the price, warranty period and packaging system. (Always prefer the brand value.)

Best automatic needle threader list:

These items are the most advanced in quality and thousand times more helpful than the conventional good. Even, the operating system is flexible and user-friendly.
Bohin Super Automatic will be a good choice for you.

The experts also recommend the following brands respectively …

1. Matefield 10pcs Automatic Needle Threader Thread Elderly Use Guide Sewing Machine Kit

2. PotelinAutomatic Needle Threading Tool for Hand Stitching and Sewing Machine

3. Amapower 5pcs Useful Plastic Elderly

Automatic vs. Plastic threader:

Which one is more preferable?

Of course, I will prefer auto functioning objects. Cause, this will give me more flexibility. (I will complete the work faster). Also, these are more long-lasting and effective in service.

But … the price is rather than a bit expensive than the plastic object.

How to thread a needle?

The easiest way of threading a needle
Now, I am going to share a simple and quick trick to feed your thread properly.
(Step by step)

Here is the way …

A. Required tools:

1. Needle
2. Threader
3. Yarn

Part 1:

A. Load your thread:

1. Clutch the thread on your dominating hand. And on the opposite hand hold the spine. (For right-handed person; if you are lefty; just do the reverse)
2. Make sure, you grip these tightly and point it on the upward position.
3. You can take a cork piece or pincushion for extra support.

B. Place in the threader loop (through the needle eye):

You require … just a simple attempt.
1. At first, lined up these 2 objects in an accurate way.
2. Then, drive the reader (until it reaches into the trivial groove)
3. Now, turn it slightly (To see the front area easily)
(You may push the threader again if the needle size is too small)

C. Now, pull out the loop

Part 2:

A. Needle threading:

1. Slide it over the yarn):
Pull out the needle from the grove and fit it on the double thread. Then, pinch the thread tightly.
2. For a comfortable grip … you cat place the threader on your lap or tabletop.

(Caution: Avoid the slipping possibility)

B. Pull up the loose (make the yarn free):

1. Give the yarn a smooth tug (to loosen the grip)
2. After the successful threaded … untie the spool

C. Finally, knot the yarn.

What did you notice?

Actually, the entire process is quite simple. And it requires a couple of minutes only. (Most probably 3 to 5 minutes)
But, the new users can get a bit challenging for the first time. After several days of practicing, you can cope with the skill perfectly.

How to use a needle threader on a sewing machine?

Here is a simple way (With the butler floss) …
(Step by step)

1. Take the floss in the right hand
2. Place your index finger (another hand) on the back of the needle groove.
3. Now, pass the tail at the endpoint and slightly push it.
4. Then, remove the finger.
5. After that, take a threaded piece and attached it with the spool.
6. Make a tiny knot.
7. Finally, feed this knot with a simple loop

(This is completely a DIY hack. As well, it will take not more than 5 to 7 minutes.)

Extra information …

Different types of needles used in sewing?

Usually, we know that needles are 2 types. In a particular point, this statement is correct. But when I have to discuss briefly …
Both the hand and machine needles have variable shapes, features, and sizes.

A. Hand sewing needle ….

1. Typically, these come in relatively sharper points. The groove is quite narrow. (some are invisible in naked eyes)
2. Usually, these are used for quilting, embroidery, upholstery, etc.

The most common 3 hand needles are …

(Types of hand sewing needles)

1. Beading:
Generally, this is used for … Stringing jewelry beads such as necklaces, anklets, bracelets, etc. The size is quite thin and long. Users get super comfort and flexibility to operate it.

2. Chenille:
You can apply it for … embroidery floss, variable monogramming patterns, yarn, and ribbon. Comparatively, this is thicker and its size is long enough.

3. Darning:
This unique object is applied… Mending holes. (Sweaters, jackets and wool socks) . This is extremely thicker and larger in size.

Others …

1. Self-threading
2. Embroidery
3. Leather
4. Milliners’ needles
5. Upholstery
6. Sharps
7. Tapestry

B. Machine Sewing Needle

Based on the fabric types … the following types are used (the most common)

1. Denim or jeans:
It has a sharper pint and fit for twill, lightweight canvas, and denim threads.

2. Twin:
Used for … decorative effects and topstitching finish.

3. Topstitching:
Applied in … heirloom stitching. (the fabric should be linen or cotton type)

Sewing Machine Needle Sizes:

Actually, the sizes vary … based on the thread types. Usually, for thicker or coarser cloth, you need a bit heavier and rigid type items. On the other hand: For fine cloth, small prickles are far enough.

The Parts of a Sewing Machine Needle

Sewing needle parts …
1. Shank
2. Shaft
3. Groove
4. Scarf
5. Eye
6. Point

Final verdict:

This comprehensive discussion clarifies that …
To intensify the sewing speed with ultimate comfort a threader plays a big role. (Helps to penetrate the thread on the exact position). 

That’s why … this item is essential both for commercial and personal stitching jobs. Whatever you are a hobbyist or an avid seamstress … I highly recommend you to own this petite item and enjoy its cool application (for a longer period)

In this case: You can trust my mentioned goods. Definitely, these can provide you with the expected satisfaction.