Top 8 Best monogram machine for beginners – Reviews & Buying Guide [2020]

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The Best Monogram Machines for Beginners

Let’s see the review of the best monogram machine for beginners.

Yes! The modern embroidery process is carried out with a quality machine. Cause, the traditional hand monogramming system is hugely time-consuming.

There is a big chance of several mistakes and a mismatch of the required design. And this process is not efficient for bulk production. That’s why the machine-oriented monogramming is getting popular to the hobbyist and professional. It helps to get the targeted design quickly and ensures an errorless function.

Also, these objects help to get more advanced and eye-catching options.

That means an ideal monogram machine provides:

  • Saves extra time
  • Reduce manual effort
  • Delivers precise performance
  • Comes with a vast number of designs options

That’s why, in this review, we share the most leading monogram machines that come with several beneficial features. The most exciting part is all of our suggested goods have a beginner-friendly simple operating principle.

Also, you will love the excellent grade of versatility. Yes! You can use these items even for conventional sewing or stitching purposes.

So let’s take a closer look.

Comparison Chart of Different Brands of Best monogram machine for beginners With Editorial Ratings: 


Brother PE535 Embroidery MachineAmazon Customer Review4.8
SINGER | Legacy SE300Amazon Customer Review4.9

Brother Sewing and Quilting Machine, CS6000i

Amazon Customer Review4.9

Singer Futura XL-550 Sewing

Amazon Customer Review5.0

Brother Sewing Machine, SE600, Computerized Sewing, and Embroidery Machine 

Amazon Customer Review4.7

Brother Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine, HC1850

Amazon Customer Review4.9

SINGER Futura XL400 Portable Sewing

Amazon Customer Review4.9

Brother SE400 Monogram machineAmazon Customer Review5.0

Reviews Of The Top 8 Best monogram machine for beginners:

  1. Brother PE535 Embroidery Machine:

About the manufactured goods:

This tool offers an intimate operating process to the newbie and presents several extraordinary properties and innovative designable stitches.

Key properties:

  • 80 Monogramming patterns:

You will get 80 unique high-grade designs. The most common and adorable stitches are the decorative alphabet, floral, and borders.

Embroidery lettering font:

Here you will get up to nine built-in monogramming lettering forts. It offers you different two languages.

    • English
    • Japanese

The exciting part is you can choose the different front options like numeric, lower case, capital, etc.

And these fronts are available in 3 sizes (small, medium, and astronomical)

  • Monogramming on denim:

One of the most fundamental properties of this device is it can embroider on denim fabric. Even it can sew it easily.

That means you can get your desired look at your home.

  • Large, color touch LCD:

The most beautiful part is this device comes with massive size, 3.2 inches Color LCD screen display. This smart screen shows your design with full color.

And you can change the thread shades with the built-in color palette. That means you can confirm the proper inspection before the quilting job.

  • Automatic Needle Threader:

Threading becomes more comfortable and faster with this auto needle threader attachment. This feature is more beneficial for producing new designs with a variable thread chance.

It is an eye saver.

  • 4-inch x4-inch Embroidery field:

This measurement is the most profound design in monogramming. The integrated built-in alignment kits and grid sheet aligns the pattern.

Moreover, you get the exact needle position for precise fabric placement.

Item specification:

  • Product Dimensions: 16.5 inches x 7.8 inches x 12 inches
  • Item Weight: 14.99 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 23.1 pounds
  • Style: PE535

Things you will like:

  • Pre-programming fronts (up to 80)
  • Import genuine ideas and information via USB
  • Larger LCD helps to take the basic concept before your stitching process

Drawback and limitation:

  • Smaller embroidery area
  • Does not includes a USB stick

Our verdict:

In bonus, you can enjoy USB port import design, several lace designs, and overall, a user-friendly operating feature.

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  1. SINGER | Legacy SE300 Portable Machine (Best singer monogram machine):

    About the manufactured goods:

    This product presents all the required features for efficient production. And you will get ultimate satisfaction.

    Key properties:

    • A complete package:

    The company provides 250 built-in stitches. Also, you are getting 200 unique embroidery designs.

    In bonus, you will get six alphabet options.

    • Get your masterpiece:

    This model offers a special USB stick. This stick helps to transfer design and convert your canvas into the masterpiece.

    • Effortless threading facility:

    You can adjust the stitch and embroidery design with the aid of a large and transparent LED touch display.

    As a result, you can provide a proper focus for accurate threading. Also, you can enjoy the auto thread feeding option.

    • Verities of design and intimate operating system:

    You can get a lot of alphabet designs. The most remarkable fact is you can enjoy the following facilities.

    1. Lettering fonts
    2. Editing option
    3. Monogram embroidery
    4. Arm sewing
    5. Monogramming software
    6. Futura embroidery

    (Overall perfect swing stitch)

    And the entire machine is easy to set-up and comes with a simple working principle.

    You will get a more extensive work area.

    That’s why beginners can cope up with their functionalities quickly. And they can make innovative designs and stitches as well.

    (Concern: Apply the quality embroidery thread and embroidery hoop)

    • Others:

    The entire operating feature is quite simple and intimate. Also, you will enjoy a flexible storage feature.

    The presser foot ensures extra comfort.

    And the transfer mode is quite easy. In this case, you do not require additionally tethered to the PC.

    Furthermore, the manufacturer provides adequate information and instruction.

    Also, it provides a vast number of accessories

    Things you will like:

    1. Effortless operation
    2. The integrated LED light for perfect focus
    3. Unique properties
    4. Polyester embroidery
    5. This model provides alphabet designs

    Drawback and limitation:

    Poor cover facility

    Item specification:

    1. Style Name: SE300
    2. Product Dimensions: 20.2 inches x 8 Inches x 12.2 inches
    3. Item Weight:18.6 lbs
    4. Shipping Weight: 36.6 lbs
    5. Manufacturer: SINGER
    6. ASIN: B013QVWVME
    7. Product model number: SE300

    Our verdict:

    For the installation process, maintenance tips, and any other quire; visit the Singer website. This profound company will provide you the ultimate direction.

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    1. Brother CS6000i Feature-Rich Sewing Machine With 60 Built-In Stitches, 7 styles of 1-Step Auto-Size Buttonholes, Quilting Table, and Hard Cover:

    About the manufactured goods:

    The brother is a well-recognized world-class brand. In the textile sector, it is a reliable name.
    It is trustable for both the textile businessman and the textile buyer.
    Among the various model The Brother Cs 6000 I is the most fantastic in value.
    This is a computerized machine.

    Usually, computerized machines are very few, and classy goods are rare.
    This model from Brother is trying to fill up the gap. It is demanding itself the best category computerized machine.
    It comes with various features and unique characteristics.

    The machine is long-lasting and excellent in performance.

    The outstanding performance will satisfy you. The speed, working activity makes reliable to the end-users.
    It also provides you many accessories. So many things you do not need to buy separately.

    Key features:

    1. Computerized machine
    2. It includes an LED screen
    3. Push-button sewing
    4. Automatic needle threading
    5. Sixty built-in stitch
    6. Includes many decorative stitches
    7. Per minutes 850 stitches
    8. 850 stitches per minute sewing speed
    9. Variable speed control
    10. Quickest and jam-resistant bobbin

    This model is assuring you of the comfortable operating facility. Even if you are a new operator, you can deal with this machine.

    Yes! its price is noticeably low, but not low in class or performance. Also, it provides multifunctional opportunities.
    Overall, it the most trusted and reliable machine towards the consumers.

    I highly recommended this product for your business as well as personal use.

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    1. SINGER | Futura XL-580 Monogram and Sewing Machine:

    About the manufactured goods:

    If you are seeking for variable working type’s machines instead of limited work; then it is hard to find.
    But you may think about the prominent brand Singer.

    Hopefully, it can solve your problem. Cause it has enough capability to satisfy its users.
    It can give you various designs that will surprise you almost.

    It includes a highly powerful LED display. This LED display screen delivers a transparent view. That’s why you can inspect all the design easily.

    Technical details:

    Fifty-five built-in design:

    The design numbers will not only satisfy you but also surprise you. It has a huge memory space. For that fact, you can easily add more design with the help of a USB port.

    Hoop sizes:

    In the box, it includes two hoops. The size area is 5.5 inches* 5.5 inches.
    The smaller size is 2 inches * 2 inches.


    The LCD is quite big and gives the operator a clear view. It helps to see the design properly.
    It will help to select the design properly and makes the entire work quick and smooth.
    Computer Connectivity:

    The great think about the mode is it is a computerized device. It is offering you USB ports.
    So you can easily plug it into the computer.
    It will help you with loading design and flash drive.

    Things you will  like:

    The attractive features are its great pros.
    The Led display, computerized facility, auto- needle threader are the most attraction of this superb model.
    It is also a facility you the editing option that is rare in another device.

    Drawback and limitation:

    Though it is a beginner-friendly device for the first time, you need more time to cope with it.
    Very quickly y0ou cannot do any complicated design.

    1. Brother Sewing Machine SE600:

    About the manufactured goods:

    The greatest features of this item are multiple using.
    It can deal with sewing, quilting, embroidery, and many other fantastic stitches and design.
    To enjoy the highest stage of customized service considers the model.
    The model from rich brand Brother is a dominating object in the monogramming industry.

    If you own it, it will be your best investment for your business.

    The including features:

    4 inch* 4-inch embroidery area
    Sixty-seven unique stitches
    Ninety-eight stitch functions

    Auto- thread cutter
    Large display
    Auto- needle threader
    UBS ports help to connect to a computer
    It is a teacher for the new users.
    When you open the box, the providing accessories give you more pleasure.
    The provided accessories are-
    Blind stitch

    Things you will like:

    The SB port addition makes it great for the user. The learner operates it smoothly. So always it is the learner’s top choice.
    The object is portable in quality. So you can smoothly move it from one place to another place.
    The item is durable and strong enough. The LCD screen is another attractive facility given by this model.

    What are the claims about the item?

    Maximum time consumers praised this model.
    But unfortunately, it also contains a few limitations.

    Some spare parts tend to lose. Needles are quickly broken down.
    You need to purchase additional bobbins.

    Overall, this computerized embroidery machine is super in value. The businessman relies on it blindly. It has the power of giving excellent productivity.

    So it is a perfect item for business as well as home use.

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    1. Bernina Bernette Chicago 7 Computerized Sewing & Embroidery Machine:

    About the manufactured goods:

    You have noticed that in the embroidery machine market only singer or Brother is dominating.
    No other brand can beat them in the competition.
    But The Bernina is exceptional. It is leading in the market beside the singer and Brother.
    It is a computerized machine and excellent in class.

    Let’s see the unique features-


    Fully computerized
    Fourteen utility stitches
    Two eyelets
    Eight buttonholes
    100 designs!
    Additional alphabets
    Per minutes 80 stitches
    Auto- buttonholes
    LED light
    Speed cutter
    Auto thread cutter


    It is offering you a guide-book for operating the object correctly. The provided dust cover will help you to keep the device clean.


    • The long-lasting guarantee
    • The LED light helps in the night time
    • The easy and smooth operating method


    It is slower but not too much. You can manage this. It is the best monogram machine for beginners.

    I suggested it both for your business and in your room.

    1. SINGER Futura XL400 Portable Sewing and 125Embroidery Design Machine:

    About the manufactured goods:

    This is another popular and widely used monogramming machine.
    The qualities are different from the machine in the market. It is one of the most costumers’ trustable and favorite items.
    It is widely used in a textile factory as well as the garment industry.
    It can give you the highest level of speed. You can do numerous designs with this tool.
    It is friendly for both the new one and the experienced guy.
    I hope, you would not be a loser if you rely on it. So consider it. Take it on the top of your choice list.
    It is the best embroidery machine for monograms.

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    1. Brother SE400 Combination Computerized and 4×4 Embroidery Machine (best embroidery machine for monogramming) :

    About the manufactured goods:

    For customizing your bulk production, this model is highly recommendable. And this model is available remarkably at a cheap rate.

    Key properties:

    • Spacious 4 inches X 4inches Embroidery Area:

    This more extensive space will provide you with more flexibility and a more intimate service. As a result, you will get enough space and freedom to run freely.

    • Brightest LCD touch screen display comes with simple operating feature: 

    Here you will get easy access, and the device is quite flexible to control. For further information, you can watch the provided video tutorial.

    In this video, you will get sufficient information and instruction for running the LED screen smoothly.

    • Easy auto needle threader: 

    Oh! You do not require additional tweezers. Even there is no necessity of magnifying glass.

    Cause, this machine includes an advanced auto needle threading option. This property saves a vast amount of time and extra effort.

    Now, threading becomes a more comfortable and enjoyable process for you.

    • Quick and accessible Computer Connectivity:

    At the buying time, you will get a certain amount of designs. (In the main package)

    Also, you can download a vast number of plans and packages for updating the machine.

    • Smooth and fastest Fabric Feeding (with 7-Point Feed Dogs):

    This high-tech feed dog makes your fabric feeding process easier and quicker as well. Within a minute, you can feed a certain amount of fabric effortlessly.

    • Fast Bobbin Preparation:

    For flexible and most rapid threading, the SE-400 offers a convenient bobbin-winding system, which prepares bobbins quickly.

    In this object, you are getting, a convenient and intimate bobbin winding process. It works quickly with perfect accuracy.

    For the flexible needle threading and fabric feeding; the bobbin winding system also becomes more natural and effortless.

    Included Accessories:

    1. 4″ x 4″ embroidery hoop
    2. Embroidery arm
    3. Softcover
    4. Accessory feet: buttonhole foot, zipper foot, overcasting foot, monogramming foot, button fitting foot, blind stitch foot, embroidery foot
    5. English and Spanish manual guide
    6. USB cable
    7. Power cord
    8. Embroidery arm
    9. Free arm

    Things you will like:

    1. User-friendly and simple operating system
    2. Easy set-up procedure
    3. Flexible maintenance
    4. Long life span
    5. Combination sewing

    Drawback and limitation:

    We did not get any severe disadvantages that can hamper production.

    Item specification:

    • Product Dimensions: 20.3 inches x 15 inches x 15.2 inches
    • Shipping Weight: 24 lbs
    • Product model number: SE400

    Our verdict:

    For the efficient level of bulk production, I highly recommend this fantastic monogramming kit.

    Also, the object is usable and trustable for home embroidery.

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    Variable types Of Embroidery Machines:

    Now a day, the computerized monogram machines are becoming more popular both for the professional and hobbyist.

    Also, you can use the following categories of items.

    Combined sewing machine:

    Typically, it is an excellent combination of single and multi-needle objects. Here you will get simple adjustable settings.

    The maximum combined sewing machines relatively provide the more intimate operating feature.

    This type of machine is applicable for conventional sewing purposes. Also, you can use it for your monogramming or quilting program.

    Check this combined sewing machine.

    Single-Needle Embroidery Machines:

    These machines are quite similar to the traditional sewing machine. The reason is its flat-bed construction.

    Another fact is the removable and replicable embroidery unit.

    You can use this object for general stitching, creating intricate stitches, and even any monogramming design.

    And a single needle machine comes with one head only and it includes needle, bobbin, needle thread, and many other required accessories.

    Multi-Needle Embroidery Machine:

    These objects are recommendable for enjoying a vast number of designs and the fastest performance.

    It includes at least 4 to 10 needles and the SPM rate is 400 to 1000.

    And it can easily hold two points with the flexible hoop attachment process.

    Two Categories Of Machine Embroidery:

    Free-Motion Machine Embroidery:

    This process is mainly for beginners. Cause, you can maintain the ultimate control of your device and designing process is very simple. You can follow the direction easily.

    Computerized Machine Embroidery:

    Yes, this process is a bit expensive and complex also. But it is highly recommendable for creating decorative designs.

    If you are a pro user, you can use this stuff for more advanced performance.

    Here is the list of best-computerized embroidery machine.

    Best industrial embroidery machine (industrial monogram machine):

    For industrial purposes, a massive duty machine is required. It should have a dominant speed and high capacity.
    As you need to purchase more than one machine so my suggestion not to buy the same model.
    Purchase different model from different companies.
    It will give you various outcomes in the business. You can enjoy a different flavor.
    Select both the medium and high type.
    Apply the high-class machine when you need to do massive production.
    Apply the medium class when the work pressure is low.

    The best embroidery machine for small business:

    In this term, some wrong concept works on the businessman mind. As the business is is small they think a normal machine is enough. No need to use high speed, high capacity tool.

    But even in the small business, you have to select the premium and classy gadget. If you ignore it, it will hamper your business, and you will face a big loss.
    Just the matter is quantity.
    For the small business, you can consider the quantity but not the quality.

    What is the expert advice to the new one?

    The first, advice from the expert is giving plenty of time to learn it. Without providing the time, it is impossible to learn the technique properly.
    The second, advice does some experiment. It will enrich your experience. Then you can apply it in the primary operation.
    The next one is to keep learning. Never think that you are a master.
    When you are experienced one then tries to discover new designs, new styles and also new techniques.
    Overall, your patient and industry are required to reach the targeted stage.

    What are the buying tips for beginners?

    Follow the special tips before buying.

    1. Capacity:

    Check the capacity. If it is good incapacity, then decide to have it.
    Otherwise, ignoring is the best option.

    2. Speed:

    It is an essential requirement.
    Only the speedy tool can give you good productivity. To make your business profitable never compromise this.

    3. Long-lasting:

    Inspect that it can able to serve you for a long time. Because it is not possible to buy this kind of machine several times. It will cost money.

    4. Variety:

    You cannot buy a separate machine for different work. You have to do a variety of designs from one tool.

    Can an ordinary machine give embroidery design?

    Many people say you yes, you can use a sewing machine for embroidery.

    But I want to say no. This is not a good decision.

    The textile engineers forbade it.

    It cannot give you an effective result. So stay far from it.

    What is a monogram?

    The monogram is a design or sign. It is given by combining or overlapping two or more than two letters.
    The overlapping is needed for forming a symbol.

    It maybe bears a message, identity or just any attractive style.

    But any uncombined initial never recognized as a monogram. It is known as a cipher or just code.

    The monogramming is not a new idea. It has been practicing since the ancient period.
    In the past Greek culture, you will see the use of monograms. They used it on coin, dress and the other surface.

    Where is the monogram given?

    In the past time, it was widely applied to coins, arms.
    It was also applied to clothes, fabrics or on the dress.

    Why is the monogram given?

    By giving a monogram, any symbol is expressing. It may be the symbol of any nation, any group or any religion.
    Sometimes, it carries any messages to the society or community.

    Even it is used for style and aesthetics purposes.

    The clothing company gives a monogram on the dress as their sign and identity of the brand.

    What is the concept of the modern monogram?

    In modern times, the monogram refers – applying design, sign or symbol over the clothes, dress or any textile surface.

    It may be cotton or another kind of fabric even lathers type fabric also given this type of design.

    Ones upon a time, it is carried out manually. To do this job by hand is quite hard and takes enormous time.
    But now a day many machines are invented to make the task smooth, simple and straightforward.
    The machines enlighten ancient culture much better. It upgrades the level of this art.

    Now, many people are showing interest to purchase this machine. The reason for doing business, home using even for the hobby!

    Yes, it could be your great hobby. So to get your desired result, you need to buy the best categories embroidery machine.

    What is the difference between embroidery and monogramming?

    Usually, monogramming is carried out by an embroidery machine. The monogramming and embroidery is quite similar.
    Some textile expert stated that monogramming and embroidery is the same word.
    So never be puzzled.

    Final Verdict:

    In the end, we give a summary that the models of Brother and Singer are the most reliable and usable machines.  These brands are the coolest options for the newbies for the simple operating features.

    Also, we express other high-performing machines in our monogram machine reviews. Overall, our reviewed products are suitable and efficient both for your home and business purposes.