Top 6 Best Fly Tying Scissors (Reviews with Detailed info)

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Let’s see the best fly tying scissors to enjoy the precise cutting.

Dr. Slick Arrow Scissor, best fly tying (Better Pick)Check Price
Tiemco Umpqua Fly Tying Razor ScissorsCheck Price
Loon Outdoors Ergo Arrow Point Scissors (Editor’s Choice)Check Price
Fiskars The Original Orange Handled Scissors, 8 Inch, OrangeCheck Price
Dr. Slick Prism ScissorsCheck Price
Loon Outdoors Razor SCISSOR, Yellow,5″Check Price

Yes! Tying is possible without the bobbin holder. Even you can carry out this job without the whip finisher.

… But can you imagine tying without a pair of scissors?

No! This is not possible at all. That’s why we present this content. Here you will get a distinctive review of a bunch of flying tying scissors with positive features.

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Also, we do not feel hesitate to unveil the drawbacks of any products (if any). So the content will be a helpful guideline for you if you are a newbie. Even, if you are an experienced person, you can pick a lot of information from us.


You can read this review if you need Best Fly Tying Bobbin.

 You may also consider this Fly Tying Tool Kit that offers two high-quality fly tying scissors one is curved and another is straight. 

So let’s take a closer look:

6 Best Fly Tying Scissors

  1. Dr. Slick Arrow Scissor, best fly tying
  2. Kershaw Skeeter 3 Precision Fine Tip Scissors, Professional Grade for Fly Tying and Trimming (1216), Black, Regular
  3. Creative Angler Scissors 3.5″ for Fly Tying
  4. Creative Angler Iris Scissors with Gold Handle for Fly Tying
  5. DR SLICK – Eco All Purpose Fly Tying Scissor
  6. Hareline Kopter Flies Precision Micro-Serrated Fly Tying Scissors- 3 3/4″ Straight

Fly Tying Scissors full reviews:

1.     Dr. Slick Arrow Scissor

Dr. Slick Arrow ScissorYes! This tiny baby is a bit heavier and you should never think it is a negative issue. The pointed fact is the pair of scissors is quite flexible to grip.

You will feel your arm!

However, its most crucial feature is super sharp blades that will give you an excellent job. Besides the precise cutting, you will love the sold loops and fine tips as well.

The crucial point is you can easily tighten and loosen its tension level according to your need.

If you prefer good embroidery, this kit is for you. This product is super delicate both for synthetic and natural material. Moreover, you can use the scissors for any small duty task like paper cutting or crafting.

Even to cut your nose hairs why not try this!

Things you will like:

  • Precise cutting along with the ultimate flexibility
  • Multi-functional product
  • Ultra-sharp and durable
  • Nonserrated blade


Yes! The blade is durable, but too much application over the synthetic fabric minimizes its sharpness level.

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2.     Fiskars Handled Scissors

About the product:

Fiskars Handled ScissorsYes! Fiskar is the multipurpose scissors, but this kit is even more effective for fly tying.

However, a drawback of this object is it is a bit larger and clumsy, but you will love its precise job. The most remarkable fact is its stainless steel blades with a long-lasting sharp edge.

Another advantage is its bent-handle design to avoid any possible mistakes, and there is no chance of slipping.

To cut the thread or hackle in the precise way it gives an amazing performance with optimal effectiveness. Typically, this product is remarkably great for natural materials.

However, you can also use it for synthetic items.

Overall, you will love its easy control, sharp cutting and lifetime warranty; and you are getting this kit within an affordable price tag.

Things you will like:

  • Comparatively affordable
  • Bent handle
  • Compatible application


Not a suitable item for the bulk performance

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3.     Loon Outdoors Ergo Arrow Point Scissors

About the product:

Loon Outdoors Ergo Arrow Point ScissorsLoon outdoors ensures you an excellent trimming for all kinds of fly patterns.

… And it is possible for its extra-large loops with the super-sharp blades. Moreover, you will love the compatible application with excellent intimacy.

Here you will get a specific rubbing point. This feature helps to get a more precise application and you can apply the required grade of pressure while cutting.

Moreover, you are getting the extra-large holes along with the powder-coated grip. That means its operating process is remarkably simple and intimate as well.

Another crucial point is its knurled nut tension knob for a flexible adjustment. Also, you can control the pressure-based of the hackle quality.

If you are tired of using dull, tiny grips and the fat headed issue, use this kit and get rid of all these mentioned problems.

Things you will like:

  • Applicable for the maximum types of thread
  • Enlarge ergonomic thumbholes
  • High-quality stainless steel (perfect for surgical purpose)


Comparatively expensive

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4.     Dr. Slick Prism Scissors

About the product:

Dr. Slick Prism ScissorsThe best part is the model offers you superfine tips with sharp blades. Also, you will love its prism finish. Another advantage is this objected is highly corrosion protected for high-grade titanium nitride coating.

Its entire size is almost 3.5-inch. Overall, for a flexible multi-purpose cutting, especially for fly tying this model is highly recommendable for you. Here you will enjoy the ultimate thread control.

Things you will like:

  • Properly maintains thread tension
  • Fascinating level of prism finish
  • Ultra-durable exterior body
  • Serrated Blade
  • Superfine tips



What are the BEST fly tying scissors?

Watch this video…

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5.     Tiemco Umpqua Fly Tying Razor Scissors

About the product:

Tiemco Umpqua Fly Tying Razor ScissorsHere you will get a bunch of unique features. The most crucial hack is its extra-large thumb holes and the soft gripping facility.

Also, you will love its ultra-Sharpe blade and the incredible level of intimacy.

Yes! This product is multifunctional but crucially advantageous for fly typing. You can use it for the maximum types of thread or hackle.

Overall, for a long time performance with the expected grade of effectiveness, this pair of scissors is perfect for you.

Things you will love:

  • The compatible and intimate performance
  • Power cut
  • Ultra-durable


A bit expensive

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6.     Loon Outdoors Razor SCISSOR:

About the product:

Loon Outdoors Razor SCISSOR fly tyingThis model is super intimate for armature users. Also, the experienced person loves its super quality service.

Especially you will like its slip-free performance. Moreover, you will enjoy the precise as long as even cutting.

Its tension knob, sharp blade and smooth gripping make this kit highly user-friendly and long-lasting.

Things you will love:

  • Knurled tension knob
  • Slip-proof
  • User-friendly

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Buying Guide for scissors

You need to concern a couple of facts and features while buying a fly tying scissors. This inspection will help you to evaluate the product’s quality and you can find out the right one.

So here are some buying principles.

  • Fact 1: Serration vs. Smoothness:

If you prefer perfect grabbing capability, serration type’s scissors are for you. On the other hand, the smooth ones are recommended for cutting sheets arterials, cutting the edge and mainly for thread cutting.

That’s why based on your demand and comfort, choose your category.

However, the serration scissors come into two types:

    • Fine
    • Coarse

For your daily cutting (threads or feathers), use the finer serration. On the other hand, the coarser one will be an excellent item for your hair trimming.

  • Fact 2: Blade size:

Another vital issue is the blade size. Typically, you need a small size blade for the daily cutting, but a larger blade is essential when you have to deal with large flies.

That’s why a medium size blade is a perfect choice for your versatile work.

  • Fact 3: Tightness

Yes! A tight material ensures a precise cut. On the other hand, for comfort issues too tight items are not preferable.

The best option is using a moderate grade of tighter grip both for strong holding, even for your flexibility while trimming.

  • Others:

While buying you should also concern about the handle size and grip quality. Even its shape and design are crucial factors.

… And the most pointed issue is ensuring the level of durability.

Pro tip: Make your scissors more durable:

The maximum scissors come in fragile quality and have a limited lifecycle.

… But a little extra step can enhance its durability dramatically!

In this case, make sure that you store this kit in dry plays always to avoid corrosion. Moreover, its regular use can improve the performance level including the sharpness quality.

When cutting a thick fabric, make sure to take the blades as close as possible to the fulcrum. However, to test its sharpness, you can use the GSP hack!

In this case, if the scissors can deal with the GSP thread that indicates its crucial grade of cutting capability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: How to sharpen a pair of fly tying scissors?

A: Sharpening scissors are a bit difficult than sharpening a knife. However, in this case, using the whetstones will be an exclusive hack!

The condition is you have to place the scissors in an accurate position. This position varies from model to model, but the standard angle is near about 30 to 35-degree angle for the perfect sharpening.

(sharpen its non-serrated blade only)

Final verdict:

That means the most suitable fly tying scissors come with an extraordinary grade of precise performance along with an incredible grade of sharpness.

Apart from fly tying, you can use it for a bunch of DIY applications.

… And all of these requirements are available in our reviewed modes. You will enjoy the ultimate satisfaction.