Best Fabric Glue for Rhinestones | TOP 10 for 2020

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Rhinestones give your fabric an eye-catching aesthetic view, and now a day, it becomes popular in several arts and decorative purpose. However, to attach this object, you must need a powerful adhesive. That’s why in this content, we are providing the review of the best fabric glue for rhinestones.

Even these glues are applicable on other surfaces and have a versatile application. So let’s take a closer look and get your desired item for your arts and crafting project.

Here is the list of top 5 the best fabric glue for rhinestones:

1. E6000 Craft Adhesive:

About the product:

This solution comes with an excellent container with adequate quantity. The best part is this professional fabric adhesive is quite flexible to hold. Also, you will love its high-grade water-proof capability.

Another positive fact is it is a non-flammable product and quite safe for washer dryer. Even it is safe enough for a photograph. Besides the fabric, you can also use this item on wood, leather, glass, metal, ceramic objects, and different work surface.

2. UV6800 260011 Industrial Adhesive:

About the product:

The unique property is this model is highly adhesive. So this solution is quite reliable for marine as long as outdoor application.

Also, the manufacturer ensures its powerful water protecting capability and you will love its versatile performance.

Moreover, its non-flammable character and the toxic-free ingredients make the solution quite safe and a highly acceptable item to the consumers. Another exclusive advantage is this model provides the fastest drying time.

… And you will get a powerful bonding that has long term stability.

3. Aleenes 25042 Fabric Fusion Adhesive:

About the product:

This solution is an ideal adhesive product that is applicable on a different surface, especially on fabric. It is available in 8-oz bottle.

You will love its non-flammable and water-proof character. It makes a strong bond over the surface that helps to attach the rhinestones or any other ornaments tightly with the fabric. Also, you can use it on wood, metal, leather, even on the ceramic object.

This craft glue follows the fabric fusion formula and the product is safe for the environment and highly recommendable for every type of art and crafting purpose.

4. Gorilla Super Glue Gel (professional jewellery glue):

About the product:

This gel-based product is mainly for vertical surface, and the manufacturers present it in a nice packaging system. That’s why the solution is pretty simple to store and you can use it for the long run. Also, you will get an anti-clog cap that protects the glue from drying out.

Moreover, its unique quality rubber particle maximizes the strength and the impact resistance. Overall, to attach the rhinestones and any other ornaments this jewellery glue is highly reliable for a satisfactory result.

5. Aleene’s 15626 No-Sew Fabric Glue:

About the product:

Its powerful adhesive formula helps to strongly attach the ornaments like rhinestones to the fabric surface. Also, it works well in washable clothes. Even it can make a strong bond on any other surface like wood, metal, and leather.

This solution is available in a 4-oz bottle with an excellent packaging system that maximizes its durable use. Also, you will enjoy flexible storage.

Best glue for rhinestones on shoes:

Whatever your shoe type is leather or fabric for attaching rhinestones or any ornaments my recommendation is Aleenes glue. Yes! This product can make a strong bond on all types of surface and have the fastest drying time.

Also, you can rely on E6000 Adhesive but is mainly for fabric-based shoes.

Exclusive buying guide to get the best rhinestone glue:


In the initial stage, you should notice your material type. Check that it never makes any damage or discolouration after adding the chemical.

However, the quality glue comes with quality ingredients that are toxic-free and applicable to any kinds of fabric or other materials. These products never make any damage to the fabric and ensure environmental safety.

Longevity as long as drying time:

If the glue takes excess time to dry out, it will badly hamper the efficiency. So make sure that the solution you are going to use has quick drying capability.

Also, longevity is a vital factor. That’s why take a product that comes in a nice pace packaging process. It helps to store the solution easily and enhances durability.


You can check the price and better to take a versatile product for cost-effective feedback. Overall, make sure that you get ideal quality glue that can provide the required grade of cost-effective service.

How to Attach Rhinestones?

Attaching rhinestones is not a difficult task at all, cause all-out listed glues offer you super adhesive capability. The condition is you should concern about some factors to carry out the task effectively.

You should take the adequate amount of solution, and for more precise action apply the glue on the flat surface. Also, the fabric should be dry.

After that wait for a while and get the expected result.

Final Verdict:

Yes, it is quite difficult to suggest a single product as the best fabric glue for rhinestones. That’s why we share a list of market-leading items that are highly recommendable for your art as long as crafting job.

Also, our exclusive buying guide will provide you with big support to evaluate any product’s quality. So enjoy your crafting job with our listed items.